Product: Elinchrom ONE Flash
Product: Elinchrom ONE Flash
Product: Elinchrom ONE Flash
Product: Elinchrom ONE Flash
Product: Elinchrom ONE Flash
Product: Elinchrom ONE Flash Product: Elinchrom ONE Flash Product: Elinchrom ONE Flash Product: Elinchrom ONE Flash Product: Elinchrom ONE Flash

Elinchrom ONE Flash

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ONE Off-Camera Flash Kit

Off-Camera Flash Kit

The Elinchrome ONE Off-Camera Flash Kit includes the following to provide you with versatile and reliable lighting during your shoots: one Elinchrom ONE, one Elinchrom OCF Adapter, one Elinchrom OCF Diffusion Dome, one Elinchrom 65W USB-C Wall Charger, one 1.8m / 5.9" Elinchrom USB-C Cable, and one Elinchrom ONE Case.

The Elinchrom ONE off-camera flash is designed around an unconcealed flash tube to provide optimal light spread and features light shaping capabilities. Its 131Ws capacity, which generates a light output usually seen in 200+ Ws units, is housed in a compact and portable form about the size of a 70-200mm lens and weighs only 1.5kg. Further enhancing its portability and the ease for hand-holding, the ONE is designed with a removable tilt head with a 7-8mm umbrella mount that can be detached when desired. On a single full charge, the ONE is ready for longer shoots with the capability to produce 725 full-power flashes. Travel-worthy for on-location shoots and built for uninterrupted workflow, the ONE's integrated Li-Ion battery is sealed for protection against inclement conditions and features Active Charging that enables the ONE to be charged from any USB-C source regardless of the battery's power level while shooting. The included Elinchrom 65W USB-C Wall Charger with 1.8m USB-C Cable is designed to charge the ONE's battery in 100 minutes in Fast Mode or in 135 Minutes in Slow Mode. The included 1.8m cable permits more freedom in positioning the off-camera flash while connected to AC power. The 110 to 240V charger ships with a multi-plug adapter set to suit working in most parts of the world. In addition, the ONE's recycle time is very quick, from 0.06 to 0.9 second, and High Speed Sync times as short as 1/8000 second are supported.

Featuring a new Elinchrom OCF modifier mount, the ONE is natively compatible with most Profoto light shapers that greatly expand available light shaping tools. The speedrings, Softboxes, and accessories with a traditional Elinchrom bayonet mount are made compatible with the ONE's OCF mount via the Elinchrom OCF Adapter included in this kit. Please note that the adapter has a load capacity of 1kg. For loads greater than 1kg, a separately available Elinchrom-Profoto Adapter should be used instead. Thus, there is a very extensive range of light shaping tools to choose from when operating the ONE flashes. The light modifier included in this kit already has a native OCF mount for direct mounting with the ONE: the Elinchrom Diffusion Dome not only aids in producing a softer light with an even spread, it also doubles as a protective polycarbonate cover for the bare Elinchrom off-camera flashes.

User-friendly and designed for efficient and flexible workflow, the ONE features a touchscreen and quick menu for streamlined access to its settings to enable capture of opportune or cherished moments. These settings can also be adjusted remotely via Bluetooth with the smartphone App for workflow flexibility. The ONE also supports TTL, HSS, and features a built-in 20-channel receiver that enables adjustments, via a separately available Skyport transmitter, from a distance of up to 200m. The built-in 20W LED modelling lamp boasts a CRI rating of 95 and an adjustable colour temperature ranging from 2700K to 6500K.

The semi-rigid Elinchrom Case offers a lightweight solution to store and transport all the items included in this kit: one Elinchrom ONE, one OCF Diffusion Domes, one USB-C Charger, and one OCF Adapter.


ONE Off-Camera Flash

Off-Camera Flash

Flash Head

Maximum Power 131Ws
Power Control 5 Stops in 1/10-Stop Increments
Flash Duration t.1: 1/153 to 1/8000 Sec (Full Power)
Recycle Time 0.06 to 0.9 second
Flash Ready Indicator Visual
Accessory Fitting Type Elinchrom Umbrella Shaft

Modelling Light

Type LED
Wattage 20W
Control Modes Full On, Off, Proportional


Sync Type Cable, Optical, Radio
Sync Speed 1/8000 second (High-Speed)
Wireless Frequency Bands 2.4 GHz
Wireless Range 199.9m (Radio)
Interface USB Type-C


Power Source AC Adapter, Integrated Battery
AC Input Power 110 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Current 5 A (Operating)


Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion
Maximum Output Voltage 16.8 VDC
Capacity (mAh) 3000 mAh
Flashes Per Charge 725 Flashes (Full Power)
Recharge Time 100 Minutes


Display LCD
Mount 5/8" / 16mm Receptable
Auto Dump Yes
Fan Cooled Yes
Operating Temperature -20 to 35°C
Dimensions (H x W x L) 22.5 x 10.0 x 16.5 cm
Weight 1.5 kg, including Battery, Flash Tube, Modelling Lamp, Yoke

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